Share Your Story

Are you a donor athlete that wants to share your story? Great!

First off, please aim for at least 600 words for length (more is appreciated). Having some depth and detail to your story helps our audience get to know you and better understand the donation process.

Here are some questions to help you get started. These are common questions I get from potential doors.

What was your activity level like before donation?

How would you describe your recovery post-surgery?

Describe your journey back to fitness after recovering. Were there unexpected hurdles along the way?

Do you feel different now than you did pre-surgery? Do you take precautions now that you didn’t before?  

Feel free to add anything else you like! It is your story and each person’s story is unique and impactful. I do minimal editing outside of grammar, punctuation, and formatting. This should be in your voice, not mine.

Please write your story as a cohesive narrative rather than just writing it out question and answer style. The submissions that are question and answer style take much longer for me to piece together, and therefore take much longer to get posted on the site. Please also write your story in the first person. 

Once you are done please email this to me in Word format along with at least 5 photos (ideally more) of you to

Thanks in advance for sharing your story- each one makes a big difference to potential donors!