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Kidney Donor Athletes was born out of my love of distance running, and my desire to solve problems. When I was getting ready to donate my kidney to a stranger in early 2017 I was surprised by how little information was out there for athletes who wanted to be donors. Where were all the distance runners that donated and were able to get back to their competitive, pre-surgery shape?!

almost done
Nearing the end of my 50 miler – seriously, who needs two kidneys??

Since then I have found many examples that show that we’re out there, we just needed a common space to share our stories and answer potential donors questions!

courage and compassion
Fun fact – all of these friends in this picture are kidney donors! (I’m far right.)

I have made it a point to get outside of my comfort zone by sharing my story and actively being a living example of how life can be just as active and adventurous post-donation.

Here are some of the examples of media coverage I’ve been fortunate enough to have during the process.

Thanks, Denver Post! : Running a 50 Miler With Just One Kidney


Interview with Nicole DeBoom on her ‘Run This World‘ podcast.


Interview on the Light in  Spoon podcast with fellow donor Greg Mead!

Interview with On Pace Podcast

Interview on Denver’s Channel 2 for the promotion of the 2018 Kidney Walk

tv interview

I am featured in the 2019 UW Transplant calendar for 2019!



I was even featured on the Runners World website! Is this real life??

runners world

CBS Channel 4 in Denver did a great piece about the day I met my recipient, Diana, for the first time.

WISC TV-3 in Madison, Wisconsin ran the very first story about my donation in November 2017. What makes it even more special is that I worked for this tv channel in college!


Speaking Engagements

I also have been doing public speaking engagements to share my story and raise awareness. (Thank you Toastmasters International for so many good opportunities to practice!)

I have been fortunate to have shared my story for the National Kidney Foundation, at the Kidney Curious LifeRaiser and the Courage and Compassion fashion show.

If you are interested in having me speak at your organization please email me at 

.speaking gig





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  1. I’d like to share my story including running a trail half marathon (part of the Tarawera Ultra) at age 73 just 16 weeks, 3 days after my non-directed kidney donation. Some irony; running just 5 minutes faster than my fastest road marathon 31 years ago. My donor story may also be interesting for this site. Have you an email from me?

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