Samantha’s calling & Kili Climb

Samantha Carreiro was inspired to donate when she watched a friend pass away while searching for a bone marrow donor when she was younger. That experience changed her outlook on life and she knew in the future that given the chance to save another life while maintaining her own, she would do it. Deeply rooted … Continue reading Samantha’s calling & Kili Climb

Matt’s bucket list: save lives & climb Kilimanjaro

Matthew was inspired to donate by his father who passed away from End-Stage-Renal-Disease.  As the oldest of three children, Matthew felt he was the most likely candidate to donate a kidney to his father but views it as a missed opportunity because his father would not accept a donation from a family member. As an … Continue reading Matt’s bucket list: save lives & climb Kilimanjaro

Meet Kili Climber Patty

Patty and other One Kidney Climbers met in Denver recently to train for the Kilimanjaro climb. Patty talked with the NBC affiliate in Denver about her upcoming journey. Patty was inspired to donate by her sister, who donated to their stepfather 15 years earlier.  She witnessed firsthand the power of living donation. The moment she heard … Continue reading Meet Kili Climber Patty

Rebekah’s Run for Mt. Kilimanjaro

I would not call myself a hiker, but when the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of fellow kidney donors came my way, it was not difficult to say YES to this incredible adventure, and do what I could to become a hiker.  So here I am, fundraising, doing weekend hikes and weekday … Continue reading Rebekah’s Run for Mt. Kilimanjaro

Emily’s Journey to Kilimanjaro

My name is Emily, and I have never been a mountain climber. In fact, I have a very vivid memory of the summer of 2008, when I was interning in Uganda: I went with a group of friends to climb a small mountain (more of a hill, really). At that time, I was not at … Continue reading Emily’s Journey to Kilimanjaro

Message from KDA President Bobby McLaughlin

What do you do in times of COVID when you're seeking to create some connection with others? Six of us at Kidney Donor Athletes decided to organize and participate in a virtual Yahtzee tournament where we would play each other in a tournament format, keeping track of winners for each of the matches, the top … Continue reading Message from KDA President Bobby McLaughlin